Barangaroo Tower 3, Sydney

The Barangaroo Tower 3 is considered as Australia’s building of the decade. At 168 metres tall and 39 levels, Tower 3 offers the ultimate, flexible and modern workspaces. The amazing glass facade required a sustainable solution for solar control and its impact on the temperature inside the building during the harsh Australian weather conditions.

Tower 3 was awarded a 6 Star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). To comply with this initiative, Silverscreen Performance fabric was introduced. Manufactured with a thermal and reflective Aluminium backing, Silverscreen Performance was specified due to its high solar reflectance achieving an impressive 76% - 78% outside reflection. This makes it highly sustainable, flame retardant and very energy efficient.*

Bennelong, 5 Macquarie Street Sydney (The Toaster Building)

The Bennelong Apartments, commonly referred to as The Toaster Building, is one of Sydney’s most iconic and instantaneously recognised complexes. Consisting of three individual buildings, the complex required high-quality blinds, which could be used to maintain the privacy of the tenants, while still allowing them to enjoy the vibrant day views and vivid lights of the night life that can be seen from the building.

The chain operated blind system offered with Silverscreen Performance, allowed the occupants to freely control the view from their windows. The unique properties of Silverscreen Performance with its 4% openness and 6% VLT, offers an unparallelled view
through to this breath taking scene. Its 78% solar reflectance outside offers the highest performance in the market. Additionally, to fulfil the client’s main concern - the 4% UV control completed the solution for this building. This is, therefore, an energy efficient solution for the occupants to enjoy both privacy and the spectacular harbour views, while controlling heat, glare and UV.*

Austin Hospital

With a huge amount of staff, using blinds with ease of operation was a necessity, reduction of glare for occupancy as well as privacy requirements for patients.

A combination of two roller blind systems in a twin format to provide semi-transparency vision out comfort during the day whilst having the option for a block-out privacy blind after hours and for occupancy comfort.*

*Note that our SilverScreen products were installed on these projects by another contractor.

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