Up to 40% of a home’s heating energy can be lost in winter and up to 87% of its heat gained in summer through windows. See yourhome.gov.au for details.

Thermal Blinds and Curtains work by changing how heat is gained and lost through windows.

To understand how to control the temperature in your home or office, we need to first understand how heat is created and transferred, in particular, by the sun.

The laws of thermodynamics state that heat will flow from a space or object of high temperature to low temperature.

Thermal window furnishings rely on the principles of reflection and insulation to improve thermal comfort and energy efficiency. They achieve this by reflecting solar energy and creating a barrier that reduces heat through conduction, convection, and radiation, while also trapping a layer of still air to act as insulation. With Thermal Blinds and Curtains you can reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling, creating energy efficient, resilient and comfortable homes for the future.

The Science


Our range of SilverScreen fabrics have a microscopic layer of aluminium that faces the glazing. Unlike other metallised fabrics, the aluminium is first vaporised then cooled allowing it to bond with the base material.

The metallised coating effectively reflects solar energy, preventing it from entering the space and becoming excess heat. It also reduces glare without completely blocking access to natural light.

The metallised coating has a low emissivity which means that it does not absorb and then transfer the heat.


Our thermal cellular blinds feature a unique honeycomb cell design that forms insulating pockets. These cells ‘trap’ air, which acts as a thermal barrier in front of your window to reduce heat transfer.

Our thermal curtains are 100% wool. Like cellular blinds, wool fibres contain small air pockets that act as thermal insulators. Wool has a low thermal conductivity, meaning it doesn’t readily allow heat to pass through it. This property is essential for effective insulation as it reduces the flow of heat from warmer areas to cooler ones.

Our Thermal Blinds and Curtains reflect and insulate thermal energy to regulate the temperature in any room

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